Some Good Holiday News: Marine Suicides Declining


Marine fighting insurgents

November was the first month since 2007 in which the Marine Corps didn't have a reported suicide. Last year, 52 Marines took their own life, marking the highest rate in Marine Corps history, according to Cpl. Monty Burton, who reports for Dvidshub that suicide claimed the lives of 35 Marines in 2010, and that the Marine Corps is fighting this enemy head on.

Meghan K. Jones, director of Camp Pendleton's Marine Corps Family Team, told Burton the Marine Corps is working to do away with the negative stigma surrounding post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. And Marines are taking care of Marines by utilizing such resources as the new DSTRESS hotline. Marines and their families can call this hotline 24 hours a day at 877-476-7734 or visit

Jones said:

Col. Grant Olbrich, the Marine Corps Suicide Prevention Program director, said of DSTRESS:

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