Spice Doesn't Make Everything Nice for San Diego's Military

A dangerous designer drug called "Spice" has made its way into the military - and sent several San Diego servicemembers to the hospital. The Navy has a released a report that states 15 active duty troops who used Spice had to be admitted to Navy Medical Center San Diego for treatment between August and December 2010.

Spice can cause some pretty awful side effects - ranging from hallucinations and paranoia, to vomiting and panic attacks. Although until recently you could purchase the drug from convenience stores, the federal Drug Enforcement Agency recently classified Spice as a Schedule I Drug in the Controlled Substance Act, in the same category of drugs like heroin, marijuana, and ecstasy. It is now illegal.

According to a news release from the Air Force, there are many different names for spice. Some of them include:

The Marine Corps banned the use of Spice in 2008, and the Navy in 2010.

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