San Diego-Based USS Ronald Reagan Arrives at Pearl Harbor


USS Ronald Reagan arrives at Pearl Harbor

The USS Ronald Reagan arrived in Hawaii today, after spending roughly a week in Guam. The San Diego-based aircraft carrier is making a port visit at Pearl Harbor as it heads closer to its home port of Naval Air Station North Island.

Arriving at Pearl Harbor today was the entire Reagan carrier strike group - including the 1,092-foot aircraft carrier, the guided-missile cruiser Chancellorsville, and the guided-missile destroyers Preble and Higgins - according to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

The USS Ronald Reagan has made quite a few headlines during its almost seven-month deployment. As Home Post reported, the Reagan crew was instrumental in helping the people of Japan recover after their country was devastated in early March by an cataclysmic earthquake and tsunami, as part of Operation Tomodachi.

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