Is the U.S. Military Now Considering Involvement in Libya?


Navy Adm. Mike Mullen

The Department of Defense sent out an intriguing news release to the media this morning. It's the first time to my recollection that the DoD has specifically mentioned Libya and our military in the same breath. It sure caught my attention, especially after talking with foreign policy experts a few days ago, who were more than a little skittish about the thought of our troops going into Libya to quell any unrest.

The first sentence of the release reads as follows:

(The nation's top military officer being Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Admiral Mike Mullen.) Mullen made it clear that whatever happens, the United States isn't going into this one solo. He's quoted as saying:

CNN International is going a bit further this morning on U.S. involvement in Libya. The cable channel's website quotes an unnamed Pentagon official as saying President Obama is considering "all options." According to CNN International:

Won't rule out the use of military force! Crikey! What do you think we should do? Don't be shy about posting a comment! (Just so you know, I've used up my daily quota of exclamation marks in this post.)

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