U.S. Military Repositioning Naval and Air Forces Near Libya


The Red Sea

Numerous news outlets are reporting that the United States military is repositioning forces near Libya. According to the Washington Post, the Pentagon is not being specific as to exactly what our forces might be preparing for. The Stars and Stripes goes further, speculating on what Defense Department spokesman Colonel Dave Lapan means when he says the repositioning of forces is a way "to have a full range of options available." The paper suggests:

Norfolk, Virginia is the home port for both the USS Enterprise and USS Kearsarge. The 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit is based at Camp Lejeune near Jacksonville, North Carolina.

ABC News furthers the conversation about the movement near Libya, reporting a scoop given by anonymous U.S. officials:

A lot of Home Post readers have suggested if the United States gets involved in Libya, we need to be part of an international force. What do you think?

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