Daily Report: An All-Afghanistan Edition

101st Airborne begins returning after deadly tour - The 101st Airborne Division lost 105 soldiers in 2010, accounting for about 1 in 5 American deaths in Afghanistan and tying for most divisional deaths in a year since Vietnam. US soldier faces trial in Afghanistan - Staff Sergeant Calvin Gibbs is one of the five US soldiers charged with killing three Afghan civilians in Kandahar Province last year. Why is America in Afghanistan? - Originally it was to defeat al Qaeda. Now American troops are fighting a Taliban militia for no apparent reason other than to back up a corrupt government in Kabul. Improved troop survival rates the grimmest sort of success - Many more troops - some missing multiple limbs or their genitals, or suffering brain damage - are being rescued from near death, but their wounds will be exceptionally difficult to overcome later as they try to resume their lives.

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