Military Probes E. Coli Risks for Troops (Video)


Fresh produce for sale in Europe

If you or someone you love is stationed overseas in Europe, you've no doubt become an expert consumer of all news having to do with E. coli. As Home Post reported last week, the E. coli outbreak that started in Germany is one of the deadliest on record. According to EuroNews, it's killed 21 people in Germany and one person in Sweden.

Now, the Stars and Stripes is reporting the U.S. military is conducting its own risk assessment into the fresh produce served to troops on American bases in Europe. Although German tests on the latest suspected culprit, bean sprouts grown in Hamburg, have come back negative...

American bases in Europe have already stopped serving lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers to servicemembers.

And for regular Home Post readers, here's a follow up on an E. coli story we posted last week. The Stars and Stripes reports that a recent investigation into whether two American troops were sickened by the strain of E. coli causing the outbreak showed E. coli wasn't to blame for their illnesses.

From EuroNews, here's an update on the mystery surrounding the cause of the E. coli outbreak:

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