USS Carl Vinson Families Proud of Historic Mission (Video)


USS Carl Vinson

The San Diego-based USS Carl Vinson returned home after almost seven months at sea. Family members greeting the crew were bursting with pride about their loved ones' role in the Vinson's historic mission. As Home Post has reported previously, the USS Carl Vinson made international headlines when we learned the aircraft carrier's crew was responsible for Osama bin Laden's burial-at-sea immediately after he was killed in Pakistan.

Family members of the crew were eager to lay eyes on their loved ones for the first time since November, when the Vinson pulled back into its home port of San Diego this morning. Long Island residents Susan and Bobby Krogman flew out from New York to meet their daughter. Susan said she was stunned when she learned the USS Carl Vinson was the ship that buried bin Laden:

Bobby added:

Vinson commanding officer, Captain Bruce Lindsey, recently told reporters the Vinson would be headed out for another deployment soon, but he didn't give specifics.

KPBS videographer Katie Euphrat was on hand when the USS Carl Vinson arrived home. Take a look at this amazing video feature she put together:

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