USS Carl Vinson Returns - Crew Holidays Announced


USS Carl Vinson heads home

The USS Carl Vinson returns home to San Diego this morning. Countless loved ones will be there to hug and hold the crew for the first time since November 30. And Captain Bruce H. Lindsey, the aircraft carrier's commanding officer, has written a special message of thanks for the friends and family of the Vinson crew on Facebook.

Lindsey expressed gratitude for the support his sailors' families gave throughout the long deployment. He wrote that the crew members would be given as much time to spend with loved ones as possible:

Lindsey also wrote that the Vinson will have a "Family Day Cruise" toward the latter end of August, if he can get approval from Navy headquarters.

We have a KPBS crew awaiting the USS Carl Vinson's arrival, and Home Post will bring you the latest information as it becomes available.

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