Camp Pendleton Marines Could See More Danger in Helmand


Helmand Province

Helmand province is a dangerous place to be a Marine, and that danger won't be subsiding anytime soon - according to Maj. Gen. John Toolan. The top Marine General in Afghanistan told reporters today he anticipates an uptick in violence in the region, where the Los Angeles Times reminds us many Camp Pendleton Marines are deployed:

Indeed, a few days ago Home Post blogged about three young men, all Marines from Camp Pendleton, who lost their lives in Helmand Province within the last week. Lance Cpl. Jason D. Hill of Poway, California - just 20-years-old - was killed in Afghanistan on June 11, according to the Department of Defense. 22-year-old Lance Cpl. Sean M. N. O'Connor of Douglas, Wyoming, died on June 12. Lance Cpl. Nicholas O'Brien, was killed in Afghanistan on June 9. He had turned 21 just two weeks ago, and was from Stanley, North Carolina.

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