U.S. Military Most Trusted of All American Institutions


1st Marines Regiment

A new Gallup poll finds Americans trust the U.S. military more than any other American institution - namely Congress. According to the survey, 78 percent of those polled say they have a great deal of confidence in the U.S. military. Let's compare that to Congress, where the Gallup poll showed a mere 12 percent of those surveyed have a great deal of confidence in our nationally elected lawmakers.

The Gallup poll asked folks their opinions on 15 different American institutions - like organized religion, banks, and public schools. The institutions that polled the highest included the police and small business. What's interesting is so-called big business ranked at the bottom of the list, right above Congress.

According to Gallup, Americans' confidence in their institutions tends to decline during tough economic times:

Gallup has conducted this poll virtually every year since 1973. To read the entire poll, click here.

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