Conspiracy Theories Surround the Sea Burial of Osama bin Laden


USS Carl Vinson

Perhaps the most controversial aspect about the death of Osama bin Laden is the way his body was disposed of: a burial at sea from aboard the USS Carl Vinson. For conspiracy theorists, this fact smacks of cover-up, that bin Laden didn't really die. Even though it's been made very clear that bin Laden's corpse was identified six ways from Sunday. I mean, his youngest wife identified him. The bad-ass Navy Seals who took him down identified him. bin Laden's DNA was matched to several of his family members. And correct me if I'm wrong, but if bin Laden was alive, wouldn't he release some sort of video/audio tape/statement telling the world? Why would he want the United States to take credit for something so awesome?

Several folks who still believe the whole Osama bin Laden death story is a hoax commented on Home Post. The feelings of "illumin8" were seconded by quite a few readers:

Another reader called "Mr. Neutron" countered this argument:

My favorite comments are always those left by the loved ones of our troops. Family members of the USS Carl Vinson crew expressed pride at the role the ship and its sailors took in Osama bin Laden's last hurrah. "Cameoehoyt" wrote:

"Badger" responded:

Keep those comments coming, Home Post-ers!

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