Navy SEAL Impersonators on the Rise (Video)


Phony Navy SEAL

The lengths some guys will go to impress the gals! The number of men claiming to be Navy SEALS is on the rise, according to San Diego television station KFMB. No wonder why. Navy SEALS have always been the epitome of cool. But since the bad-ass Navy SEAL Team 6 took down the world's most wanted terrorist in action movie-like fashion, more and more pathetic dudes are saying they're SEALS. Former Navy SEAL and retired Capt. Larry Bailey tells KFMB the benefits of impersonation:

I would imagine any employer (or lady) who wants to dig a little on an alleged SEAL's background could do a simple Google search. Then there's the website, which lists folks who claim to have military backgrounds but don't. According to KFMB, has exposed more than 35,000 phonies who claimed to be Navy SEALS. Sad!

In related news, Disney is trying to trademark the name "Navy SEAL Team 6," according to a slew of media outlets including USA Today.

Here's more from KFMB:

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