Military Discount Website Finds a Home in San Diego (Video)



Starting Tuesday, San Diego will become the latest city to feature, a website that offers discounts for military families on everything from pizza to Lasik surgery. In order to become a member, you must be in the military, the dependent of a servicemember, or a veteran.

TroopSwap, which the Washington Post compares to Groupon, was the brainchild of Army veteran and Harvard Business School graduate Blake Hall. Hall and partner Matt Thompson launched TroopSwap in Hamptons Road, Virginia four months ago and the site already has 15,000 members, according to WTKR-TV.

In addition to San Diego, TroopSwap will also launch in Washington D.C. on Tuesday.

WTKR-TV did a special report on TroopSwap recently that gives a really good explanation of what the website is all about:

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