USS Carl Vinson Sailors in Spice Drug Ring

Spice is causing problems among San Diego-based Sailors again, with 64 of them getting kicked out of the Navy for using the synthetic drug.

VADM Gerald R. Beaman, Commander U.S. THIRD Fleet, reports 49 of the 64 Sailors were from the USS Carl Vinson:

Capt. Thom Hicks of the Third Fleet told the Associated Press it's unclear if the Vinson crew members were using Spice during the aircraft carrier's mission to the Middle East, when it disposed of the body of Osama bin Laden.

It's illegal to use Spice while in the Navy. The USS Vinson Sailors caught distributing Spice, and the middle man, are being investigated for "possible legal action." The other USS Vinson Sailors who used Spice are also subject to disciplinary action, according to the U.S. Third Fleet.

According to VADM Beaman:

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