Sesame Street Kicks Off New Touring Show for Military Families



Sesame Street/USO Experience

The "Sesame Street/USO Experience" - a free traveling show just for military families - is kicking-off an eight-month tour this month.

The Sesame Street gang will visit Camp Pendleton and MCAS Miramar in August. To see the tour's entire schedule, click here.

According to the USO website:

[T]his year's 70-stop tour showcases the power of friendship when Elmo and his Sesame pals help Katie open up about her fears and excitement as she deals with moving to a new place and making new friends.

Like any rockin' musical tour, there's got to be a tour bus, and the Sesame Street/USO Experience doesn't disappoint. Here's video of the effort it took to create the Sesame Street tour bus.


Sesame Street USO Tour Bus

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