Daily Report: Osprey Crash Kills Marines, FLOTUS Wants More Help for Military Families, Enlisted Military Among Worst Jobs?


U.S. Navy

MV-22 Osprey

2 Marines killed in Morocco Osprey crash - Marine Corps Times "Two U.S. Marines were killed and two severely injured in the crash of an MV-22 Osprey during a training mission in southern Morocco, the Marine Corps confirmed Wednesday."

Naval Health Clinic New England Commanding Officer Relieved - Navy Medicine East Public Affairs "Commander, Navy Medicine East (NME), relieved the commanding officer (CO) of Naval Health Clinic New England (NHCNE), Apr. 6, citing a loss of confidence in the CO's ability to command. Capt. Marcia Kimberly Lyons had been in command since July 2010, and has since been reassigned to Navy Medicine East in Portsmouth, Va."

Judge Hears Arguments on Cole Defendant’s Motions - American Forces Press Service "A military judge ruled today that a defendant in the USS Cole bombing may meet with his defense attorneys unfettered."

Worst job list includes 'enlisted military' - Stars and Stripes "Low pay, high physical demands and plenty of stress make being an enlisted servicemember one of the worst jobs in America, according to a new analysis by the website CareerCast.com."

First lady seeks more help for military families - Associated Press "Michelle Obama has been everywhere from a West Point mess hall to a NASCAR speedway in the past year to drum up support for military families through her "joining forces" campaign. On Wednesday, she marked the program's one-year anniversary by taking stock of what's been done and challenging Americans to do even more."

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