Pendleton Marines in "SS" Photo to Face No Punishment (Video)

The Camp Pendleton Marines who posed with a flag in 2010 displaying the Nazi "SS" symbol will not be punished. Camp Pendleton spokeswoman Maj. Gabrielle Chapin told the Associated Press the Marines from Charlie Company, 1st Reconnaissance Battalion were under the mistaken impression that the "SS" symbol on the flag meant "sniper scouts."

In fact, the SS (which stands for ) was an elite corps of the Nazi party that carried out mass executions of Jews, Gypsies, Polish leaders, and Russian prisoners of war.

Jewish groups are far from pleased by the Marine Corps' decision not to punish the men in the photo. Simon Wiesenthal Center founder Rabbi Marvin Hier said in a statement:

Hier is calling on Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and President Barack Obama to further investigate the incident.

The photo was taken in the dangerous Helmand province of Afghanistan back in September 2010, but only recently appeared on the website of the weapons company Knight's Armament.

With more, here's the television unit of the Associated Press:

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