More Than 1,500 Sailors Kicked Out of Navy in 2011 for Spice


Navy video on the dangers of Spice

The Navy announced today it discharged 1,515 Sailors in 2011 for using the synthetic drug Spice while in the service.

It was almost a year ago, on March 1 of 2011, that the Navy banned Sailors from using the five synthetic cannabis compounds found in Spice. According to the Navy, the Armed Forces Medical Examiner System has developed a drug test that's able to detect those compounds.

Lanorfeia Holder, deputy director of Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, says the side effects of Spice include hallucinations, panic attacks, and delirium:

Last October, Home Post reported that 49 Sailors assigned to the San Diego-based USS Carl Vinson were kicked out of the Navy for using or distributing Spice.

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