Soldier Violates Code Stumping for Ron Paul (Video)


Army Cpl. Jesse Thorsen

Army Cpl. Jesse Thorsen appeared on CNN last night to speak on behalf of Ron Paul during the network's Iowa Caucus results programming. The problem? Thorsen was wearing his uniform while expressing his political opinion. That's a direct violation of military code. The Department of Defense guidelines read in part:

Paul Rieckhoff of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America wrote on his Facebook page after seeing Thorsen on TV:

Paul has got a lot of support among the military. As Home Post reported earlier this year, Paul gets more donations from servicemembers than any other GOP candidate.

CNN attempted to contact Paul's campaign to get a reaction about Thorsen's controversial appearance, but as of this writing there's been no response.

Here's video of Thorsen speaking on behalf of Ron Paul:

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