Ex-Camp Pendleton Marine Accused of Serial Murders (Video)

Authorities are expected to charge former Camp Pendleton Marine Itzcoatl "Izzy" Ocampo today with multiple counts of murder. The Los Angeles Times reports Ocampo is allegedly responsible for the stabbing deaths of at least four homeless men in Orange County, California.

Ocampo was an Iraq War veteran who was deployed in 2008 with the Marines' 1st Medical Battalion based at Camp Pendleton. While there, he was responsible for bagging the bodies of fallen comrades, according to the Orange County Register.

Fellow Marine Robert Hays told the Los Angeles Times of Ocampo:

"He came back totally changed. It was almost like he didn't care anymore. He'd get fidgety, he'd start shaking, spacing out. You'd see him staring off."

Ocampo's family believes he is innocent. They spoke with Los Angeles television station KABC-TV to explain why:


2012-01-17 08:56:33

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