Dog Lovers Call For Standard Military Pet Policy


Dogs on Deployment

Diego the pit bull and owner reunite

Dogs on Deployment, a non-profit that helps find boarders for dogs whose owners are deployed, is calling for a standardized pet policy. The group says too many military families are having to give up beloved pets because of breed bans and other restrictions that differ from base to base.

Dog on Deployment has teamed up with Hawaii Military Pets in urging the Department of Defense to create a uniform, standardized pet policy for all military installations. They've posted an online petition on and also created a Facebook page to bring awareness to the plight of pet-loving military families. The petition has received roughly 1,700 of the 100,000 signatures needed so far.

Dogs on Deployment co-founder Alisa Johnson says:

"We don't want to just attack the ineffectiveness of breed bans, but also the lack of consistency on pet policies service and installation wide. A pet owner might be fine to have their three dogs on one base, but upon moving to a new base, they find out they are only allowed to have two. How are they supposed to prepare for this?"

The Marine Corps, the Army, and the Air Force all ban Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, and Wolf hybrids on base. The Marine Corps also bans Doberman Pinschers and Chow Chows. For the Navy, breed bans vary from base to base.

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