Loggins Family Lawyer Says Daughters Held for 13 Hours After Shooting


Program for Sgt. Manuel Loggins Jr. memorial

The attorney for Sgt. Manuel Loggins' family has told the Los Angeles Times the Orange County Sheriff's Department held Loggins' two young daughters for 13 hours - after one of the department's deputies shot and killed the girls' father just a few feet from where they sat in the family car.

Loggins family attorney Brian T. Dunn of the Cochran Firm has filed a claim with Orange County, the first step in a wrongful death lawsuit against the Orange County Sheriff's Department and Deputy Darren Sandberg, who shot and killed Loggins in the early morning hours of February 7th at San Clemente High School.

Dunn tells the L.A. Times the sheriff's department would not allow the girls, ages 9 and 14, the opportunity to see their mother for 13 hours:

Home Post recently reported that Loggins' widow gave birth to the couple's youngest child, a girl named Hope, on March 4th.

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