Deputy Who Shot Sgt. Manny Loggins Back on the Job

Sgt. Darren Sandberg of the Orange County Sheriff's Department is back on the job, after being placed on administrative leave February 7th, when he shot and killed Camp Pendleton Marine Sgt. Manuel Loggins Jr.

The Orange County Register reports Sandberg, a former Marine himself, went back to work March 2nd in a non-patrol capacity.

Home Post reported yesterday that the Loggins family has filed a claim with Orange County, which is often a first step in a lawsuit. Indeed, Loggins family attorney Brian T. Dunn has told the Register they plan to file a lawsuit in federal court alleging civil rights violations and wrongful death.

Sandberg shot and killed Loggins in front of the Marine's two young daughters in the early morning hours of February 7th at San Clemente High School. Sandberg's union alleges Loggins was acting "irrational" and he feared for the safety of Loggins' daughters. But Dunn says Loggins was unarmed and known to be a warm, calm, deeply religious family man:

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