Angie Johnson Won't Be on "The Voice" Tonight (Video)

Staff Sgt. Angie Johnson didn't make it past the battle round in last week's episode of "The Voice," and thus will no longer be part of the program.

Johnson and competitor Cheesa Laureta had a sing-off of sorts, both performing the Bonnie Tyler hit "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Although judges Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera picked Johnson as the better performer in the battle round, the ladies' coach Cee Lo Green had the final say, and he chose to eliminate Johnson from the competition. Boo!

Johnson was very diplomatic about the whole process, though, writing on her Facebook page this week:

Johnson earned her legion of fans with her viral version of the Adele song "Rolling in the Deep." She performed the song with the U.S. Air Force Central Command Band Sidewinder while deployed in the Middle East this past summer. An audience member taped the performance, posted it on YouTube, and that video has since garnered more than 2.7 million views.

I watched the battle round, and although I might be biased, I thought Johnson nailed the competition and should've made it on to the next round. What about you? Take a look at the battle round between Johnson and Laureta, and let Home Post know what you think:


Angie Johnson Won't Be on "The Voice" Tonight (Video)

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