Navy Secretary Will Reopen Sgt. Rafael Peralta Case


Sgt. Rafael Peralta

The Marine Corps Times is reporting on its Facebook page that Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus will reopen Sgt. Rafael Peralta's Medal of Honor case.

On March 1st,Rep. Duncan Hunter and other members of Congress sent a letter to Mabus, saying new evidence had come to light that should make Peralta eligible for the Medal of Honor.

As Home Post reported earlier, Sgt. Peralta covered a grenade with his body in Iraq in 2004 - which ended his life, but saved the lives the Marines around him. Yet a Pentagon scientific panel convened at the time found Peralta was not conscious during the heroic act, thus preventing him from receiving the Medal of Honor. Peralta was instead posthumously awarded the Navy Cross.

But the letter sent to Mabus on March 1st claimed there was new scientific evidence that disputed Peralta's unconsciousness:

You can click here to read the entire forensic report.

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