Investigation Underway In Death Of Navy Diver (Video)



Diver 3rd Class Robert Dotzler

The Navy is investigating the June 19 death of Diver 3rd Class Robert Dotzler, 22, of Berkeley, California. Dotzler was found unconscious after disappearing during diving operations on U.S. Naval Base Guam.

A Navy official told The Navy Times Dotzler was not diving during the training...

...but rather observing other divers from the water’s surface in a “snorkeling-like role.” The official didn’t say whether Dotzler was using any of the breathing apparatus in this role, or if he was actually using a snorkel as his breathing means while on the surface.

The divers whom Dotzler was observing could not find him when they surfaced, and later discovered him unconscious at the bottom of the harbor.

According to the Associated Press, Dotzler was later pronounced dead at Guam’s Naval Hospital.

Dotzler was assigned to the USS Frank Cable. He grew up in Kiel, Wisconsin, and was passionate about diving. His family spoke with Wisconsin television station WGBA-TV:


Navy Diver Death Under Investigation

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