Navy SEAL Team 6 Member Killed In Arizona Parachute Training Accident


Navy SEAL insignia

A member of Navy SEAL Team 6 was killed Thursday during parachute training in Arizona, according to NBC News.

Another member of the elite team was injured in the same accident, and remains hospitalized in stable condition at the University of Arizona Hospital.

The Navy SEALs were conducting military free fall training at the USSOCOM Parachute Testing and Training Facility at Pinal Airpark, Arizona when the accident took place.

Officials told the Associated Press the SEALS collided in mid-air. The SEAL who died was an E-8-Senior Chief, while the hospitalized SEAL is an E-6 Petty Officer First Class.

WTKR-TV is reporting both SEALS involved in the incident were based in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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