Former Camp Pendleton Commanding Officer Nabs Job As Carson City Manager



Col. Nicholas Marano welcomes Camp Pendleton residents to “The Lt. Dan Band” concert Oct. 31., 2010.

Retired Marine Corps Col. Nick Marano has made a unique transition from the military to the civilian world. The former commanding officer of Camp Pendleton will soon become the city manager of Carson City - Nevada's state capital.

The Nevada Appeal reports Carson City's Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on Friday to hire Marano, who was among 70 candidates to apply for the job.

Marano served as commanding officer of Camp Pendleton from 2009-12, where he was in charge of the almost 60,000 Marines, Navy personnel, and military dependents living on the base, according to the Orange County Register.

Carson City has a population of roughly 55,000.

The Associated Press reports that during his interview for the job as city manager, Marano acknowledged he was the sole finalist for the post without "administrative experience" in Nevada, However...

He said that while he isn’t tied to any longstanding Carson City issues, he has made a “career out of empowering subordinates” and believes “team building is critically important.”

Marano was employed as a management consultant before seeking the job as the city manager of Carson City.

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