California To Get Two More VA Cemeteries


National Cemetery Administration

Headstones and flags at the Miramar National Cemetery, Nov. 10, 2015.

Need for space in veterans’ cemeteries is growing nation-wide and California is no exception.

Michael Nacincik, with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, said there are nine VA cemeteries in California and plans to build two more in the Los Angeles and Alameda areas.

"These cemeteries will be close to urban cores where large numbers of veterans live and will allow people who may have chosen not to utilize their veterans’ benefits due to time and distance factors to get to the cemetery," Nacincik said.

The new cemeteries will be above-ground facilities, which require less space than traditional burial grounds.

Nacincik says VA cemeteries in Riverside, Sacramento and San Diego's Miramar are among the 13 busiest nationwide.

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