Miramar National Cemetery Has Room To Grow


Miramar National Cemetery Has Room To Grow

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Miramar National Cemetery Has Room To Grow

San Diego is home to nearly a quarter million veterans. And as they age, they inevitably die.

Rex Kern, director of Fort Rosecrans and Miramar National Cemeteries, reassured veterans Wednesday that the Department of Veterans Affairs is making room for their graves at Miramar.

Kern said there will be no more burials at Fort Rosecrans.

“Rosecrans as beautiful as it is, is completely buried out,” Kern said. “There is no more room. It’s a great venue for Memorial Day and certain events but the burials will happen here at Miramar National Cemetery from here on out.”

But Miramar has plenty of room to accommodate deceased veterans.

“We only have 72 acres of the 313 (available) developed, so as you can see we have a lot more room to expand,” Kern said.

Cemetery designers at the Miramar cemetery are even drought conscious.

“We try to make sure that when we do our planting... we’re looking at California native species,” Kern said. “That we’re looking at drought tolerant plants.

Miramar cemetery lays to rest about 4,000 veterans a year. Any veteran honorably discharged has a right to a spot — assuming they die before the cemetery fills up.

“We don’t want anyone to rush out here,” Kern said. “We’re here for a long time.”

Miramar has room for more than 160,000 graves. Officials expect it to reach capacity in the year 2050.

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