ATV Stolen From Wounded Vet


Former Marine Sgt. Nick Kimmel opens the door to his new home in Fallbrook, Jan. 5, 2016.

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ATV Stolen From Wounded Vet

A wounded vet who just received his dream home is now coping with the theft of his modified ATV.

As a Marine in Afghanistan, Nick Kimmel lost two legs and an arm to an IED. His life recently took a major turn for the better when he received a fully-furnished, new home in Fallbrook, adapted to his needs. It was provided through the Gary Sinise Foundation.

Kimmel's excitement was cut short when he discovered his ATV was stolen from his apartment complex, before it could be moved.

“Well, I was excited to get it to my new house, because I have two and a half acres," he said. "So I could use it to drive around. I’m putting together a little archery range on my property. The mailbox is 1,000 feet way down an incline, so I was going to use it for that. Now I can’t.”

The Polaris ATV and trailer were modified for his use. They were last seen Friday by the maintenance people at his gated apartment complex in Mission Valley, he said. Kimmel came to pick it up Tuesday. Instead, he ended up filing a report with San Diego Police.

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