Navy SEALs Seek Out High-Tech Jobs


U.S. Navy SEAL / Facebook

Participants take part in an event at the third annual Navy SEAL invitational in Coronado, 2013.

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Navy SEALs Seek Out High-Tech Jobs

They are highly trained to lead, innovate and be self-sufficient. So why would it be difficult for elite fighters like Navy SEALs to transition to the pioneering ranks of Silicon Valley?

Tech executives say they are increasingly looking to recruit special operations forces veterans who typically move on to law enforcement or private security. But while SEALs know how to build teams in stressful situations, many aren't accustomed to the openness or self-promotion required to become a corporate executive, said Joe Musselman, founder of The Honor Foundation, which offers career assistance to special operations forces veterans.

Musselman said many SEALs need to be re-taught to tell their life stories after years of being trained to not answer personal questions, in some cases because the answers were classified. He joins KPBS Midday Edition on Tuesday to discuss what civilian companies are looking for when they hire veterans.

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