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US Marine Vet Jailed In Mexico Fires Lawyer Before First Court Hearing (Video)

U.S. Marine veteran Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi fired his attorney prior to his first hearing before a judge in a Tijuana courthouse Wednesday, according to U-T San Diego.

That attorney, Alejandro Osuna, told reporters after the hearing he believes his former client is innocent of the charges against him:

“We had some disagreements about how information was presented...

“He shouldn't be here.”

Tahmooressi's mother, Jill, told Fox News ...

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Amid VA Scandal, Audit Finds San Diego Healthcare System In Compliance

An audit of the Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System found it is operating in compliance with agency standards for patient scheduling, VA officials said Thursday.

The findings came from a review conducted last week amid an uproar over allegations that as many as 40 veterans in Phoenix died while awaiting care. Representatives from other VA medical centers performed the audit, according to VA San Diego spokeswoman Cynthia Butler.

A ...

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Military Families Warned Of Scam Website

The Army’s Criminal Investigation Command has a warning for military families about a website that aims to steal their personal information.

The website attempts to deceive solders and their families who are looking for information about Army benefits.

The authentic, official Army website is operated by the Army's Retirement Service office. The address for that site is

The fraudulent website is also called "My ...

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Veterans' Service Dogs To Get Free Veterinary Care

Veterans with service canines can now get free pet health insurance for their dogs through a Veterans Affairs Department program. The insurance will cover virtually all medical costs for the dogs.

The Military Times reports the VA has contracted with pet health insurance company Trupanion to cover the veterans' cost for preventative care, emergency care, and medications.

To qualify, the dogs must be certified by the VA as service dogs ...

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Military Same-Sex Spouses In Every State Now Eligible For DoD ID Cards

The same-sex spouses of U.S. service members are now eligible in every state to obtain their Department of Defense identification cards, according to an announcement made today by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel:

“All military spouses and families sacrifice on behalf of our country. They deserve our respect and the benefits they are entitled to under the law.

“I will continue to work to ensure our men and women in ...

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Defense Secretary Hagel's Statement On Supreme Court DOMA Ruling

Statement by Secretary Hagel on DOMA Ruling:

"The Department of Defense welcomes the Supreme Court's decision today on the Defense of Marriage Act. The department will immediately begin the process of implementing the Supreme Court's decision in consultation with the Department of Justice and other executive branch agencies. The Department of Defense intends to make the same benefits available to all military spouses -- regardless of sexual orientation -- as ...

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How Supreme Court DOMA Ruling Affects Same-Sex Military Couples

The U.S. Supreme Court's decision today to strike down the federal Defense of Marriage Act clears a pathway for same-sex military couples to receive the same benefits as heterosexual married military couples.

DOMA has been used by both the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs to guide decisions on what kind of federal benefits to offer the domestic partners and spouses of gay troops and ...

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Veterans Face Confusion Using GI Bill At State Schools

In choosing to serve her country in uniform, Hayleigh Lynn Perez knowingly accepted a nomadic life. Now the former Army sergeant says she and thousands of other veterans trying to get a higher education are being penalized for that enforced rootlessness.

Under the Post-9/11 GI Bill, the federal government will pick up the full in-state cost for any honorably discharged service member wishing to attend a public college or ...

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New Push To Cover Costs Of PTSD Service Dogs For Veterans

Sen. Charles Schumer of New York is calling on the Department of Veterans Affairs to change its new policy that denies benefits for veterans who need service dogs to help treat their post-traumatic stress disorder.

As Home Post reported earlier this month, the new VA policy asserts there isn't enough scientific evidence support the medical need for PTSD service dogs:

Although we do not disagree with some... subjective accounts ...

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Bill To Provide Fertility Benefits To Injured Vets Clears Senate Hurdle

Veterans with combat injuries that prevent them from naturally conceiving a baby would be able to get additional fertility assistance from the VA under a bill cleared today by the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.

Called the Women Veterans And other Health Care Improvement Act of 2012, the measure would require the VA to cover reproductive treatment options like surrogacy and assisted reproductive technology methods like in vitro fertilization for injured ...

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VA Insurance Would Cover IVF For Injured Veterans Under Proposed Law

Veterans who've suffered combat injuries that prevent them from naturally conceiving a child would be able to get in vitro fertilization covered by their VA insurance under new legislation.

Bill author Sen. Patty Murray told the Associated Press that at least 1,830 veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have been injured in a way that prevents their ability to reproduce naturally:

"Because they served our country, they ...

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Marine Corps To Offer Some Troops Early Retirement With Benefits

In an effort to honor its contracts with troops throughout a planned slim down of its forces, the Marine Corps will offer early retirement with benefits to members with at least 15 years of service, according to the Stars and Stripes.

As it did at the end of World War II and the Vietnam War, the Marine Corps is planning to reduce its numbers as the war in Afghanistan comes ...

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Fallen California Soldier Leaves Behind Two Wives (Video)

Army Specialist Moises J. Gonzalez was keeping a big secret - a secret that came to light when the 29-year-old Bakersfield resident was killed in Afghanistan on April 25th in a vehicle rollover accident.

According to Bakersfield television station KGET-TV, Gonzalez never divorced his first wife, Darlene Garcia, when he married his second wife, Ruth Bayona, in 2010.

Although Gonzalez lived in Bakersfield with Bayona with their son, Moises Gonzalez Jr ...

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Would PTSD Name Change Mean Less Stigma For Vets?

Should post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, be renamed post-traumatic stress injury? Would a different moniker reduce the stigma attached to the word "disorder"? These are some of the questions a group of psychiatrists will grapple with today at the American Psychiatric Association's annual meeting.

According to the Washington Post, the phrase "PTSD" first became part of the nation's vernacular back in 1980, when it was published in the ...

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Anti-Obama Former Marine Suing Marine Corps (Video)

Former Camp Pendleton Marine Gary Stein, who was kicked out of the Corps for writing anti-Obama Facebook posts, says he is now suing the branch of the military in which he served for nine years.

Stein wrote on his Facebook page last night:

In case anyone was wondering my lawyers and I are moving forward with our Lawsuit against the Marine Corps... The lawsuit that I filed a month ago ...

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