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Marine Faces Returning To Brig For Iraq War Crime

Marine Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins III is facing being locked up yet again for the 2006 murder of an Iraqi civilian in one of the military justice system's most long-running war crime cases.

Hutchins had thought he'd won his freedom after two military courts threw out his murder conviction from a 2007 trial because of legal errors, but under the military justice system the Navy was allowed to retry ...

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Jury Rules No Extra Prison For Marine Who Killed Iraqi

A Marine staff sergeant told military jurors that everyone looked up to Lawrence Hutchins III, his squad leader. Hutchins' 11-year-old daughter said it was "sheer terror" to live without her father.

After hours of emotional stories from the battlefield and the home front, a jury of six Marines decided Lawrence Hutchins III, 31, should get no additional prison time beyond the roughly seven years and two months he already served ...

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